About Us

A Mostly Harmless Approach to Theatre

If there is one thing life has taught us it’s that everybody likes a good laugh. *

For that reason, Mostly Harmless Productions was created with the sole purpose of spreading joy, merriment and mirth amongst the Maltese masses.

Our shows are aimed at ensuring the audience leaves, at the very least, with a smile on its face, although aching jaws, smudged make-up and the odd damp patch are not without precedent.

This commitment to comedy is based on one simple fact – we all lead ridiculously stressful and problematic lives. Bills, family, work, more bills, marriage, supporting the English national football team – it is just one long list of things to worry about.

For that reason we believe going to the theatre should be a way of putting all that aside for a couple of hours, having a long, hearty laugh and leaving feeling refreshed, elated, invigorated and surprisingly peckish.

We prefer to focus our talents – such as they are – on bringing humour, wit and comedy to the stage. Truth be told, we get off on making audiences laugh. There, we’ve said it.

On this website you will find information about our current, past and future productions. And, should you be so inclined, you will find handy links to buy tickets to our shows although we feel compelled to warn you that doing so is only likely to encourage us.

Finally, take a few seconds to join our mailing list so we can give you a digital heads-up on our latest productions so you can either a) make sure you get good seats or b) decide which theatres to avoid and when.

That’s it for now. Be happy.

Mostly Harmless Productions

* Possible exceptions to this otherwise infallible rule include Luis van Gaal, Marvin the Paranoid Android and Vladimir Putin.

The Founding Fathers

James Calvert

James has been actively involved in theatre pretty much since the days when it was only available in black and white. After a brief dabble with acting, he was quickly persuaded by friends and colleagues that his talents lay elsewhere. Anywhere else, in fact. Undeterred he moved behind the scenes and has lurked there ever since. Among his directing credits are God’s Official, Popcorn, An Evening with Gary Lineker, Kissing Sid James, Gasping, You’ve Got Hate Mail, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), The 39 Steps, and Yes Prime Minister. He has also produced a number of hit shows including My First Time, Legally Blonde and Keeping Up Appearances. James lives with his wife and two children who actively encourage him to be involved in as much theatre as possible. Preferably all year round.

John Montanaro

John has been fascinated by theatre for as long as he can remember, including wonderful childhood memories of watching his uncle Alan rise to panto superstardom. However his love and passion for the stage grew when he took part in a sixth form musical of a Scottish play (that cannot be mentioned) at the age of 16. He proceeded to join MADC where he met a bunch of weird and wonderful people (James Calvert included), and his love and passion for theatre transformed into an obsession. Since then John has never looked back, winning ‘best actor’ in the MADC one act play festival and performing in a number of pantos, musicals and farces at a wide variety of venues. His most memorable theatre credits include God’s Official, An Evening with Gary Lineker, Kissing Sid James, Gasping, You’ve Got Hate Mail, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), All the great books (abridged) and Legally Blonde. His dream role was playing Sir Humphrey in Yes, Prime Minister. John owes everything he has to theatre. He met his very patient and loving wife Alison, during Tarzan the Panto, and they have two boys who hopefully one day will understand why he does this. John is also known as John ta’ L-Angli, following a four-year stint as detective Gabriel Caruana in one of Malta’s most successful TV series.